Italian Food near Me

Italian Food near Me Top 6 Most Popular Restaurants

Italian Food near Me Top 6 Most Popular Restaurants

Italian Food near Me is all over the place! Especially in New York. Manhattan is home to many, and there’s no shortage of options for those looking to eat Italian food. Italians are famous for their delicious food, with the most popular dishes being pizza, pasta, and gelato.

Italian restaurants are scattered all over the world, but you can find them easily near me. All you have to do is type “Italian restaurants near me” in your search engine and voila! You will find so many restaurants around you that serve Italian food.

There are a lot of Italian restaurants which serve Italian cuisine. However, some of them might not be that good. Here is a list of top Italian Food near me.

La Scala Restaurant

La Scala offers authentic, homemade Italian dishes from Southern Italy, from Rome to Naples. The food is simple and fresh and it’s served simply as well. The atmosphere is intimate, with candlelight and dine-in live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Here in this article we will share location of this restaurant near you. You just use this map to find your nearest restaurant location.


This gorgeous restaurant is located in Manhattan and offers traditional Italian dishes including chicken parmesan, veal saltimbocca, and linguine alle vongole. The atmosphere is charming and the service is excellent. This is just little information about the restaurant. You can get more detail by visiting official website of Pagliacci near Me. You can also find your nearest location of this restaurant by following map.


This restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine like eggplant rolatini with ricotta cheese, eggplant involtini with homemade tomato sauce, and spinach ravioli with bolognese sauce. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting too. Here in this article we share just some basic information about this restaurant. If you want to know more about this restaurant, just visit its official website. Here we also share some nearest location of Casale Italian restaurant. Using map below you can find Casale restaurant.

Del Posto

This restaurant starts their business in 1974. This is one of most famous Italian restaurant in United States. It is very comfortable restaurant. Their menu is very delicious and also very expensive too. Their specialty is natural swordfish native with smoked cabbage and Arborio rice salad in Barolo sauce, and Sardine lamb with Roman artichokes and saffron potatoes. This is the list of some famous menu items you can get more detail about menu items by visiting their official website. You can also get more detail about restaurant there. Here we also share some nearest location of this restaurant. 


Buco has been one of New York City’s most attractive restaurants since last 20 years. They are serving delicious food with Italian ingredients.  They made very tasty pasta. They also made lasagnette with ragù Bolognese, a scaplatelli of Neapolitan style with octopus and tomato sauce. Here in this article we provide basic information about restaurant. Menu items list is also very short. You can get more detailed menu by visiting its official website. BY using map below you will get your nearby location of this restaurant.

 Osteria Mozza

This is another very famous Italian restaurant in United States. They have location in Los Angeles. They serve unusual pasta and their main dishes are sea trout with lentils to sweetbreads piccata. We provide some basic information about the Osteria Mozza Italian restaurant. If you love Italian food and want to know more detail about this restaurant, you just need to visit their official website. If you want to know about location which is near you, just use map below. This map will help you to find your nearest location.

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